4-H Invites You to Recycling Day!

— Written By Ann Burrows

Free Recycling Services Offered To All Henderson and Vance County Residents at Recycling Day on Saturday, April 26 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

The Vance County Appearance Commission and the Henderson Community Appearance Commission are coordinating the first Henderson-Vance Recycling Day in the front parking lot of the City Operations Center on Beckford Drive in Henderson. Citizens of Vance County are urged to bring recyclable items to the event.

All collections of recyclable items are being offered free of charge by the vendors who will be on hand for the Recycling Day event.

 No hazardous materials will be accepted at the Recycling Day event. Organizers of the event reserve the right to refuse to take some items.

Vendors for the Recycling Day and items that will be accepted will include:

  • Metech Recycling: accepting electronic items including audio and video tapes, batteries, cameras, cell phones, circuit boards, complete computer systems, computer mice; copy machines, CPUs (towers), laptop computers, hard drives, data cartridges, computer monitors, computer keyboards, microwaves, office printers, overhead projectors, scanners, stereos, televisions, typewriters, VCR/DVD players
  • Waste Industries: accepting household recyclables including letterhead/forms, photo copy paper, colored paper, drawing paper, note pad paper, newspaper, envelopes, brochures, file folders, index cards, invoices, juice boxes, milk cartons, milk jugs, plastic beverage bottles, detergent bottles, cartons and trays from microwaveable meals, aluminum cans, meals cans including those for soups and vegetables; phone books, paperback books, glass bottles and jars, cardboard
  • C.J. Iron and Metal: accepting anything made of metal, aluminum, junk car parts, machinery, lawn and garden equipment, farm equipment, brass, copper, appliances
  • The Salvation Army: accepting clothing, shoes and toys
  • Local Government Federal Credit Union: accepting important, personal documents for shredding. These documents can include any confidential papers such as financial statements and tax documents. Each individual who brings items for shredding is limited to three document boxes or 75 pounds of papers to be shredded. A shredding truck will be on hand to shred items at the event.
  • Rebuilding Hope: accepting recyclable items that can be used in home repair construction projects and may include building materials, as well as still usable furniture, appliances, cabinets, sinks, toilets, windows

Additional information will be shared by the following agencies:

  • The Vance County Sheriff’s Department and the Henderson Police Department: providing child safety information and child safety seat checks
  • The Henderson-Vance Safe Kids Coalition: sharing information with families regarding child safety issues
  • Vance County Cooperative Extension Service: providing information on Vance County 4-H youth programs
  • Kerr-Tar Council of Governments: providing information on preventing identity theft and offering giveaway items to those who attend the event
  • The Henderson Community Appearance Commission: providing information on recycling and its importance
  • The Vance County Appearance Commission: providing information on recycling and its importance and conducting drawings for free gifts
  • WIZS 1450 a.m. Radio: broadcasting live from the event’s site and urging local residents to bring their recyclable items

 All Vance County residents are urged to bring their recyclable items to the Recycling Day.

 For more information about Recycling Day, please contact Turner Pride, 4-H Agent, at 252-438-8188.