Whip It Up Wednesday

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Eating lean protein is an important section of MyPlate. You may already know that muscles are made up of protein, but many other important parts of the human body need protein, too. That’s why protein is so important for normal growth and development.

When choosing what protein foods to eat, choose lean protein. Keep in mind that tofu, beans, eggs, and nuts are good sources of protein. Lean meats are a better option due to the fat content. Lean meats include skinless chicken and turkey, venison, salmon, and cod.

When preparing meats, trim away all the visible fat before cooking. Broil, grill, roast, poach or boil meat, poultry, or fish instead of frying.

For today’s edition of Whip it Up Wednesday, I’m sharing my recipe for Chicken Enchilada Casserole. This lean protein healthy meal is full of vegetables and easy on the budget with lots of flavor! When you try this delicious, simple recipe please add your pics in the comments section below. For further questions and concerns, contact me at ndkearney@ncat.edu!

Chicken Enchilada Casserole