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Spaghetti and Spinach Pesto

This pesto spaghetti dish is made with spinach for a unique spin on a classic. It can be served up as a meatless main dish or add some diced cooked chicken. It’s a very simple yet comforting and delicious dish. Top with feta and serve with a side salad for a colorful meal.

Spaghetti and Spinach Pesto


Spinach is an extremely nutrient-rich vegetable. It is also a good source of Niacin and Zinc. Studies have shown that eating leafy vegetables like spinach can support brain health and may help to slow cognitive decline.

Spaghetti and Spinach Pesto

EFNEP is celebrating National Nutrition for the month of March. EFNEP has partnered with local 4-H to help teens “Unwind the Mind” for the month of March.

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