2020 Vance County 4-H Presentation Day…REGISTER NOW

Posted On April 29, 2021— Written By


Registration for our 2020 Vance County 4-H Presentation Day is now available. Due to our current 4-H face-to-face restrictions, this year’s competition will take place VIRTUALLY. 4-Hers will be recording their presentation and sending them to Wykia Macon.
Videos of their presentation can be made using their phone, computer, Zoom, or other video recording program. All videos must be ONE CUT…meaning, you can not edit your video using pieces from multiple videos. It must be recorded in one take as if you were giving your presentation in front of the judges. You are welcome to take multiple videos but can only send your best one for judging purposes.
More information about the requirements of the videos will be provided by the 4-H agent after registration. Please contact Wykia Macon at 252-438- 8188 if you have any questions.
 TIMELINE: Registration is due no later than Friday, May 7. Videos must be submitted to Wykia Macon no later than Friday, May 28.