Week of the Young Child 50th Anniversary

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The Vance County Parent Task Force is proud to be a part of the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Week of the Young Child, April 10-16, 2021. Join us for a fun-filled week celebrating early learning, young children, their teachers, and their families.

Please enjoy this video created by members of the Vance County Parent Task Force.


Week of the Young Child Activities

Across the nation, people are using the following daily themes and activities:

  • April 12 – Music Monday

Not only does music develop creativity, but children can learn literacy, language, and math skills through music. Learn a new song or invite a musician to perform a virtual sing-along for your class.

  • April 13 – Tasty Tuesday

Create healthy snacks and learn how to follow recipes. This day focuses on teaching young children about healthy eating and fitness. Encourage families to try making an easy recipe together at home.

  • April 14 – Work Together Wednesday

Help young children develop social skills and learn to work together by building together. Plan a few virtual activities that require students to work together and practice social skills.

  • April 15 – Artsy Thursday

Art is very important for developing creativity and fine motor skills. Have children explore their senses through creating shapes with playdough from home, or teach children about drawing different patterns.

  • April 16 – Family Friday

Celebrate those who support young learners. Share family stories and pictures to acknowledge the role families play in a child’s learning. Parents can read a favorite children’s book to their early learner or take their child on a picnic.


Other WoTYC Activities

  • Use these themes to come up with creative ways to interact with your child and family:
    • Music Monday
    • Tasty Tuesday
    • Working Together Wednesday
    • Artsy Thursday
    • Family Friday
  • Take lots of pictures or make a video of your activities and post them on social media. Share your story!
  • You can also visit the following website for more information: Plan Your Event